The Cuban-Arab community
maintains its subsidiaries and historical links
with the country of origin of their ancestors




Beginning Début بداية
Unión Árabe de Cuba

 Ceremony of delivery of Prize Cuban Catauro 2007 that took place at the House of the Arabs

Wednesday 16-07-2008


At 16.00 hour in the afternoon I participated to the ceremony of delivery of Prize Cuban Catauro 2007 which took place in the House of the Arabs where received the first prize, among other authors, doctor Rigoberto Menéndez Paredes for his book “The Arabs in Cuba” and who granted me one of these samples signed by the author. ( Read the book here  available in Spanish and Arabic)


The ceremony was very exciting. 


Monday 21-07-2008 


In the night I participated to the celebration of the national day of Egypt in the Residence of the Ambassador of this country in the presence of the members of the diplomatic body credited at the Cuban Capital and of outstanding personalities of the Cuban Administration, especially of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba. 


The reception was (marked) by doctor Rigoberto Menéndez Paredes's presence recently rewarded for his book “The Arabs in Cuba." 


Hanna Shahwan


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